What is a Staple Pack Bag? (Definition, Uses and Cost)

Posted by Bill Clyde on Mar 26, 2020 1:54:54 PM

Are you losing efficiency on your production line because your operators are spending too much time handling individual poly bags?

Staple pack bags help our customers increase their packaging speeds and efficiencies which saves them both money and time.

We wrote this article to help you understand what a staple pack bag is, what types of industries they are best suited for, and what they can cost.


What is a Staple Pack Bag?

Staple pack bags are stacked plastic bags arranged neatly between a chipboard header and held in place with steel staples. They traditionally have a 1.5" lip with a serrated (perforated) lip. The serrated, or perforated, lip allows for easy tear away and a nice clean opening on the bag.

Staple Pack Front     Staple Pack Back

These bags can be manufactured with a bottom gusset, full or butterfly vents, printing, and color tint. And, they can be made with permanent or resealable tape for easy closing. The bags can be manufactured in many sizes, widths and lengths.     

A full staple pack of bags usually consists of 100 per chipboard header. This pack can be customized depending on the size and gauge (thickness of material) of the bag.


Why Use a Staple Pack Bag?

Having multiple bags neatly arranged on a chipboard header can improve your packing process by eliminating the unpacking of loose bags one at time from a box.

Staple pack bags can be ordered with various size hang holes punched through the chipboard header and the bags. These hang holes provide a convenient means for the packer to hang the bags near their pack out station and easily remove the bags one at a time as their product moves down the line.


Who are Staple Pack Bags Best For?

Staple pack bags are offered for food and non food packaging, bread and bakery bags, cookware covers, and industrial parts bags.

Many industrial packaging lines are equipped with workstations that are designed to hold the staple pack bags so the packaging operator is free to easily remove a bag from the chipboard header after the product is placed inside.

Printing is available for staple pack bags, this can be either random or registered printing.


How Do You Seal a Staple Pack Bag?

There are a number of options available for protecting your product once inside the bag.

Another great feature of a staple pack bag is how easy they are to close. Tape can be applied to the bags. Or, you can use a more traditional closure option like heat sealing or zip ties.


How Much Does a Staple Pack Bag Cost?

As with any custom manufactured plastic bag the cost is dependent on the specific design. There are many options available to you as a buyer, that it is hard to give an exact cost. What we can do though, is give you an estimate. Let's look at an example:

Bag Specification - 10" x 12" + 1.5" lip x 1.5 mil clear LDPE poly bag on 7" x 10" chipboard header.

The estimated cost for 35,000 bags (approximately 500# of material) is $25.85 per thousand bags plus freight to your destination.

Staple pack bags are normally priced in per thousand quantities.

The cost of staple pack bags range from $7.00 per thousand bags to $200.00/thousand bags. Again, it all depends on the size, the thickness of material, and the value added features necessary to meet your specifications.


Summing it Up

We hope this blog provides the information you are looking for when it comes to staple pack bags.

When used in the proper application, staple pack bags can help make your packaging process more efficient which will lead to improved profitability.

If you have additional questions or would like additional information feel free to contact us and we will get you the information you need.

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