What is a Stock and Release Program?

Posted by Bill Clyde on Mar 12, 2020 10:00:00 AM

At North Coast Plastics we are all about customer service and customer satisfaction. . We are constantly looking for new ways to better serve our customers in the most efficient ways. Offering a stock and release program to our customers is one of the ways we do that.

More and more customers are finding it difficult to forecast product demand in the age of online shopping. We don’t know who is going to order what on any given day. This causes the supply chain to be fractured in terms of order patterns.

If you use a large amount of custom poly bags on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, it may be in your best interest to find a manufacturer who will offer a stock and release program to you.


How Does a Stock and Release Program Work?

Our customer will issue a blanket purchase order for multiple releases of poly bag.  We will produce and ship the initial release of bags, and immediately manufacture the next release of bags and place that release into our inventory.

When our customer is ready for the next release, we will ship that order right away, Then, we repeat the process until the total amount purchased on the blanket order is reached.


What are the Benefits of a Stock and Release Program?

When using a stock and release program, our customer should not have to worry about waiting for a shipment to be manufactured, packaged and shipped as long as there is a remaining quantity on the original blanket order. When a blanket order is complete then a new one is issued.

Normal lead times for custom poly bags can be 3-6 weeks depending on the style of bag ordered. These lead times may extend out further during peak production times.

But, if you have a stock and release program with us, we can plan accordingly and manufacture your order on a timely basis to be sure we are ready to ship when you need it.

There also may be cost savings due to the efficiencies we can achieve by using blanket orders and a pre allocated schedule. As the manufacturer, we will be able to save time and money during production by producing a larger amount of the bags at once. But, some of those cost savings could be offset by handling charges for the storage of your inventory.


Summing It Up

At North Coast Plastics we are always looking for ways to make doing business with us easier, less painful, and more fun.

Our stock and release program is not a one size fits all system. We will work with you to find a system that best fits your order size and schedule. Together, we can assess your requirements in terms of order size, schedule and shipping locations.

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